What are the different types of power metres?

Ian Saunders posed today question as he wanted to know What are the different types of power metres?

The use of power as a training tool 10 years ago was reserved for the elite or those with pots of cash. As already reported in coaches corner No5 about What are Watts? Watts are now considered to be the premier training tool for anyone who wishes to monitor their progress or wishes to improve to the next level.

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What is VO2 Max

Lara just asked a great question so I’ve answered it – I’m in the mood today

What is VO2 Max and does it relate to watts?

VO2 Max is simple. Nothing directly to do with watts. It’s all to do with the amount of oxygen you can process during exercise. This is refereed to as VO2 Max

V = Volume & O2 being oxygen. This is expressed in litres per minute.

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