Viceroys take pride in offering an unbelievably low membership fee with amazing benefits worth twice its value. Whether you are a Triathlete, Duathlete, or simply want to train with like-minded individuals, then this is the club for you. Viceroys unfortunately does not have a junior section, members must be 18+ to join. Members are encourage to be as active as possible to make every session as beneficial to all attending.

NB: When joining the club, members are encouraged to wear official club kit to sessions. During the summer this is expected when riding, running or swimming. During winter, members should look to wear club kit when appropriate.


2022 season is upon us. We have a few spaces for the season. As we are capped to 149 members, these go fast as we offer unmatched value in our membership.

Please email Mark Yeoman via the ‘contact us’ page with the criteria stated below. We are always looking for motivated individuals to strengthen the club.


Potiential members must email the membership secretary (Mark Yeoman) with the following information for consideration. Please check the guidelines to see whether the club has sessions to cater for your ability. We are unfortunately not looking for people who are only interested in cycling – sorry

Why do you wish to join Viceroys Triathlon Club? 

What are you looking to get out of joining the club?

Are you a member of any other clubs? i.e. Triathlon, cycling, running or gym?

What is your current level of fitness?

Can you swim 400m without stopping.

NB: The club has three coached swim sessions in the summer. You must be able to swim 400m without stopping and faster than 2min per 100m

Can you run 5km without stopping?

NB: The club has two ability track groups so all abilities are catered for. The mid week runs are also open to all based on their nature.

Can you cycle for 90mins without stopping?

NB: The club has a variety of paced groups (please check the cycle page for clarification). You should be able to fit into a group 

Finally, can you provide a small insight to your season objectives.  

The above information will be taken into consideration before a two week trail / place maybe offered.

NB: The two week trial must be completed over a continuous period

The club has a capped membership of 149 set by the BTF. The club has a membership cap to ensure the club remains warm, friendly and that every member receives the highest quality of coaching at every session. The Viceroys GDPR policy will be sent to all new members when they join, new members will need to confirm that you have read it and agree with it at the point of joining.

Viceroys membership:

Full membership: £85 per year. This includes all the clubs discounts & affiliation benefits stated below. Age requirements 18+. Total access to all the clubs free coached lake and track sessions. Free weekly time trial held by Hounslow & District Wheelers with valid membership card. Mid week & weekend club group rides.

Membership Renewal: From February 1st to February 21st. Full members will be given the priority to renew first. Once this period is complete, then the club will take applications for the remaining spaces.

Club membership applies from February 1st for an entire year.

Membership benefits include:

  • The club is affiliated to: British Triathlon Federation, British Cycling, Cycling UK and Cycling Time Trial.  As a club, members then can receive benefits and discounts as a ‘club’ as well as individual discounts.
  • FREE Monday night BTF coached swimming at Shepperton Lake (May to August). Four different levels of sessions are available.
  • FREE Monday night swim for those attending the coach session.
  • FREE Saturday morning social swim at Shepperton Lake (May to August). Only when showing a validated membership card.
  • FREE Friday night BTF coached Track session at Xcel Sports Hub Track  (April to August). The club will offer two ability groups.


  • BlueSeventy  discount 25%
  • CurreNZ 30% discount online with free p&p
  • Endurance Conspiracy Clothining: £5 off
  • CEP Compression – 20% discount
  • Vivo Bare Foot Shoes – 15% discount
  • Naked Runner Sunglasses – 20% discount
  • Runners Need & Cycle Surgery – 15% online discount.
  • Bikmo bike insurance 5% online discount
  • BONZA bike boxes. 10% on hire & £200 off purchase price.
  • Pedal Motion bike service discount of 15% off service price
  • High quality training and racing kit at competitive prices by Saddle Drunk. Bought online & sent direct to you.
  • Access to top BTF level 2 coaching
  • Weekly structured summer & winter club training sessions available on request
  • Regular social events, from club get togethers to Velodrome sessions.

All VTC members are encouraged to join as individual members to either British Triathlon FederationBritish Cycling, Cycling UK or Cycling Time Trial. 

Please contact either the membership secretary Mark Yeoman or club chairman for membership information and we can pass on club bank details. 

NB: The Viceroys GDPR policy will be sent to all new members when they join, new members will need to confirm that you have read it and agree with it at the point of joining.

By joining the club, you agree to abide by the club’s Code of Conduct. A copy can be obtained by emailing Marty Clark. The Chairman and committee have the right to terminate any members’ membership if they have been deemed to have broken the club’s code of conduct or bring the club seat name into disrepute.