VTC Cycling

Club Rides
We are fortunate enough that the leafy Surrey countryside is only a short ride away, making our ride routes some of the prettiest around. Whether it’s off to the famous Surrey hills, taking in some of the Olympic road race route, or out towards Windsor Castle, the club in never short of a route for all abilities.
The rides cater for all abilities and no one is ever left behind.

Groups are ideally set to ability, fitness to ensure that everyone gets the most from the ride. We look to run between two to four groups per club ride when possible. They groups are as follows:

  • Open: Various pace & distance. All basked on those attending
  • Developmental: Ave pace: 20-26kph. Dis: 30-45kph. Time: 1-1.5hrs
  • Intermediate: Ave pace: 27-29kph. Dis: 50-65km. Time: 2-2.5hrs
  • Int – Advance : Ave pace: 30-32kph. Dis: 65-75km. Time: 2.5-3hrs
  • Advanced: Ave pace 35kph+. Dis: 80-95km. Time 2.5-3hrs

NB: The Int – Advanced is the bridge group from the to advanced group.

NB: before moving up a group, you need to be averaging 1kph before the new groups set average pace.

The club’s meeting points are either outside Carluccios or Homebase carpark in Walton on Thames. Opposite Carluccios on New Zealand Avenue. (Google Maps Location).

Nick Christian along with the weeks ride contacts look to publish the forthcoming weekends ride by mid week allowing members to view the weekends rides


The following basic routes can be down loaded onto your Garmin via ridewithgps.com. All the instructions, maps, elevations can be found so you can learn our key routes.

Tuesday route 1: Cobham – Leatherhead – Esher (ridewithgps.com)

Classic Windsor route: Short (68k) Long (80k)

Chertsey 10mile Time Trial route

WINTER PERIODS: October to April
During the Winter months, the club looks to meet a twife over the  course of the weekend – naturally all rides are weather permitting with rider safety coming first.

Saturdays is an OPEN ride meeting at 8am. This ride is for abilities ranging from intermediate upwards. This is relaxed social ride with one or two refreshment breaks during the course of the ride. Ride routes will length vary in length based on who attends so please allow for 2.30 – 4hrs if attending this ride.

Sundays is the clubs main  group rides:

8am for the Developmental, Intermediate, Int – Advanced & Advanced,   – Homebase meeting point.

NB: it is always advisable to check before attending during the summer months as this is the main triathlon season so numbers attending will vary.

Routes are pre planned to build strength and stamina. These are open to all who wish to improve their riding skills and group riding confidence.

NB: Saturday & Sunday rides meet in Homebase car park which is directly OPPOSITE Carluccios to avoid disturbing the local residents.

SUMMER PERIODS: April to September
From Spring to Summer an additional mid week ride is added.

Tuesday @7pm The mid-week club / training ride. It takes place every Tuesday, meeting at carluccios and takes in a short 30km route around the surrounding area. This allows members to get in those extra miles after work if they are unavailable for a club ride at the weekend.

NB: some members will ‘train’ in this session so will go as fast as they can. Members are advised to group with like minded individuals, so train with or for a social ride. Max group size is 6 without expections  

Saturday @8am ‘Open‘ ride for all abilities. This ride will be based on the range of ability of the attending riders.

Sunday @8am  the clubs main group ride with all abilities meeting before dividing into developmentIntermeditate, Int – Advance & Advanced paced groups

NB: Sunday rides meet in Homebase car park which is directly OPPOSITE Carluccios to avoid disturbing the local residents.


The club is set up to be open, warm and friendly and not a machine that is intimidating to others on the road or even our own club mates. This needs etiquette and awareness when cycling in a group.

To abide by at all times the Highway Code – with ZERO expeditions. 

GROUP SIZETuesday evenings: Maximum of 6 per group. If you need to create more groups of similar pace then please do so. Weekend rides: Maximum of 12 per group We are looking to keep safe on the road and avoid frustrating fellow road users.

SOCIAL RIDES: These are relaxed non drop rides with the group looking to remain together at all times. There is no expectation to take turns at the front of the group. Through & off is optional. The pace will remain ‘even’ without spikes and there will be no focus on exceeding the set speed / pace. All riders are  required to ensure the group is back together after a split caused by lights, roundabout or at a junction.

TRAINING RIDES: These rides are designed push all those who attend. Riders are expected to take turns on the front during through & off phases. Routes have set sprint points & long sections of faster pace to develop fitness & speed. If a rider is struggling to maintain the set pace, they should inform the group and look to drop back to the next group or ride slower home. The top gear rule applys over the last 20km of a ride. If new to the group, then the Ride leader should be informed prior to the ride.


1. Always look to ride in two tight columns and no more (eg3). Best for rider safety & to encourage cars to make a wiser choice when over taking.
2. Move to single file when on a busy road / narrow corner or when large or a series of vehicles need to pass.
3. Thank any driver(s) for patiently waiting to pass.
4. Slow down for horses & make a wide safe pass.
5. Provide early signals so drivers can anticipate the movements of the group.
6. Always wave to a fellow cyclist even if they don’t wave back.
7. If you see a cyclists at the side of the road, check they are okay or if they require any assistance.
8. Never ride through a red light
9. Don’t join another group as this creates a larger group on the road
10. Avoid ‘half wheeling’ as this increases a group accident
11. Never knowingly drop any litter. It’s not pro & it’s not clever.
12. Keep the maximum group size to 10-12 to avoid forming a peloton on the road.
13. Wear appropriate clothing. No helmet no ride. No loose or baggy clothes
14. No TT or tri bars on Group Rides, these can increase the risk of injury during a crash.
15. Be seen. Make sure you have rear and front working lights.