What are the different types of power metres?

Ian Saunders posed today question as he wanted to know What are the different types of power metres?

The use of power as a training tool 10 years ago was reserved for the elite or those with pots of cash. As already reported in coaches corner No5 about What are Watts? Watts are now considered to be the premier training tool for anyone who wishes to monitor their progress or wishes to improve to the next level.

As a result, the variety of power meters no available to the every day cyclist has greatly improved. Here’s a brief insight to the current devises on the market and a basic price guide.

Stages: this is a replacement left crank arm which has the power meter devise attached to the inside of the peddle arm. Using any ANT+ head unit (garmin / iPhone etc). This can be switched from one set of cranks to another with little fuss. Prices start from around £650

Rotor LT: Made by Rotor. This is basically the same devise as Stages. Working off the left crank to establish the power output. Using ANT+ head unit system also. Prices start from £700

Powertap: this devise is in the rear hub of your wheel and uses Using any ANT+ head unit (garmin / iPhone etc) or their own head unit to monitor the power out put. Easy to switch the wheel from one bike to another as long as you have the same rear cassette size other your chain might break or be too loose. Prices start around £500 but you will need to ensure you rear wheel has the same number of holes to match up when being re spoked.

Garmin Vector Pedals: a new system in terms of where the power is generated from. Each peddle as a little unit and the power is monitored via the spindle to the unit to the ANT+ head unit. You can change easily from one bike to the next, simple calibration and away you go. Prices start from around £1200

Garmin Vector Left Pedal: like stages and Rotor LT. Garmin have a single peddle option which is to compete with that market sector. Prices start from £650

Rotor Power Cranks: this is the entire cranks system with power monitored by both peddle arms. Simple to the vector peddle but within the power generated from the force via the peddles. Quarq offer a similar set up. Prices from £1200

SRM: the market lead and still preferred by many pros. Prices can be high due to them having their own head unit but the system is like rotor with the mechanics set up in cranks to monitor the power. Prices start from £2000