SUMMER PROGRAMME: Open Water Swimming at Shepperton Lake

Date: April / May  September
The club has direct links with Shepperton Lake (Directions). The lake is open from April / May to late September. They have a 400m and 750m course set in a stunning lake beside Desborough Island Sailing club. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. You can run around the outside of the lake on the 1.5km trail run.

The lakes opening times are as follows:
Monday: 17:30 – 20:30
Wednesday: 06:30 – 09:00 & 17:30 – 20:30
Saturday & Sunday:  07:00 – 11:00

Swims are £6 and you must fill in a form via their website prior to the start of each season for the lake’s own health and safety policy.

FREE swimming on a Monday evening for those ONLY attending the clubs coached session with a valid FULL membership card. Free Saturday morning (May to August / September) with a valid FULL membership card

NB: You need proof of FULL membership with a valid membership card.

BTF LEVEL 2 Coached Monday Nights

Members have the opportunity once a week to have access to our own BFT level 2 coaches to help improve their open water swimming such as sighting, drafting, turning, or basic technique development. The runs four sessions. Each session is ability based and is as follows:


Session one @6:30pm: Developmental

Focus: swim technique & open water skills & confidence.

Ability guide: 8mins + for 400m pace

Session two @6:30pm: Improvers

Focus: speed & endurance

Ability guide: 6-7mins for 400m pace

Session three @7:00pm: Intermediate

Focus: speed & endurance

Ability guide: sub 6mins for 400m pace

Session four @7:00pm: Advanced

Focus: speed / close group swimming

Ability guide: sub 5.45mins for 400m pace

NB: Sessions are FREE for full VTC members. Places are limited to 10 for session one & 20 for session two. Associate members can attend for £6 & must inform committee prior to attending the session

WINTER PROGRAMME:  – Pool based 
Many members currently use their own gym pool during the winter months to conduct their own personal swim training.