The long turbo session

With the weather being up or down. There are times when you don’t want to ride outside due to the rain, cold or even restricted by time. If you chose to opt out of that weekly long ride you will be pausing your progress and the stronger the base developed during the winter months then the higher you will be able to push your threshold come the season.

Here are a couple of simple ways to break down that long turbo session:

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Safe Riding

Today’s Coaches Corner is a key one – Riding Safely.

We love riding our bikes, but at times, it can be dangerous out there. This can be due to the weather, fading light, road conditions, such as pot holes, oil and of course cars. Minimising those risks will make for a more pleasant and relaxing ride.

Here are a few tips and pieces of advice that may well help.

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What are the different types of power metres?

Ian Saunders posed today question as he wanted to know What are the different types of power metres?

The use of power as a training tool 10 years ago was reserved for the elite or those with pots of cash. As already reported in coaches corner No5 about What are Watts? Watts are now considered to be the premier training tool for anyone who wishes to monitor their progress or wishes to improve to the next level.

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Calvin Woods posed today’s coaches corner question. He wanted to know the difference between clincher & tubular wheels.

What are the different types of wheels?
There are four different types of wheel now on the market, they are clinchers (either carbon rim or traditional aluminium), then you have tubular wheels and a more recent addition in the tubeless clincher.

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