Safe Riding

Today’s Coaches Corner is a key one – Riding Safely.

We love riding our bikes, but at times, it can be dangerous out there. This can be due to the weather, fading light, road conditions, such as pot holes, oil and of course cars. Minimising those risks will make for a more pleasant and relaxing ride.

Here are a few tips and pieces of advice that may well help.

Be seen…
Lights: make sure you have working lights on the front and back. Check then weekly. Don’t leave it until the ride to see if they are good to go. Even in clear weather conditions, having lights will help draw attention to on coming or approaching cars. Going into shaded areas in the summer or under tunnels, you want to be see so make sure they are charged up or you have spare replacement batteries to hand.

Clothing: look to wear brighter colours during the winter periods or late / early at night. Anything that can draw the attention of the eye will help.

Weather: black ice & or frost is a cyclists enemy so use your brain. Stay in and be safe if you have any doubt about the road conditions – see coaches corner No 16 for winter turbo advice. The rain will reduce the vision of a driver so if you are out and about make sure you have flashing lights and bright clotng.

Look ahead:
Road conditions: pot holes, oil, grit etc all need to be avoided so look ahead and take early precautions. Look, signal – move out – then pull in and give a thumbs up to any driver. Saying thank you will defuse any frustration a driver might have. They will then accept you saw them and appreciate allow us to move out.

Call: shout out HOLE, SLOWING DOWN, CAR etc so that everyone else can take their necessary actions.

Cars: junctions, roundabout, blind drive ways are the biggest concern to me. So be big, take a strong position in the road, look – signal – move out to adopt a strong position in the road to avoid a backing out car, etc. Say ‘thanks’ to any car held up. Always look ahead and presume that he / she hasn’t seen you. Shout out CAR, SLOWING DOWN etc to let the group know.

Be safe