4th Time in Mallorca for Ironman Yann

This was my fourth time racing in Mallorca, having already completed the 70.3 twice and the full distance once. So,  I was planning for a great race full of confidence.

Everything was going according to plan pre-race, apart from damaging my power meter in the commute, so no power for the race. That’s ok, I am confident I can just use my experience, how wrong was I! Swim went well, no jellyfish this year, the bike was sunny, fast and dry (apart from an annoying Dutch cheat drafting behind me for 30km, arrgh, so annoying), transition was faster too and then the run, my favourite discipline… legs were tired but that’s pretty normal, until I hit km 2 when both the interior quad muscles seized and I had to stop running. After few stretches, I managed to find a strange way of running (not pretty) that took me all the way to the finishing line, not to say that I was head down, in pain, I did not looked at my watch once and I tried to ignore everyone else overtaking me.

I was on course for a PB after T2 and ended up finishing with my worse half and 70.3 time ever!! Strava estimated my power to be 18 watts above what my target power should have been. There is no secret in racing, just don’t overdo it on the bike. I still got the medal, the T-Shirt and made it to the IM official video in my bright shiny VTC kit! Not all bad after all!!

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I've always been involved with sport of some description, particularly adrenaline sports (skiing, boarding, kite-surfing, bungi jumps, parachute jumps, mountain biking) and endurance events (7 marathons, lots of halfs, Caledonian Challenge, London to Brighton bike ride, Moonwalk, played/coached rugby), but I'm relatively new to triathlon as it's actually taken the place of other sports after a couple of bad accidents! Although looking at the biographies of all you other Viceroys I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that all I've done are a few team traitahlons (running or cycling leg) and a couple of super sprints and sprints on my own, I'm hoping that being a Viceroy might persuade me that swimming in open water over 400m is actually possible. Read more about me in the May 2012 Triathlon Plus: http://www.triradar.com/2012/04/09/were-inspired-by-kate-wallace/