Race Report – Little Beaver

Little Beaver Olympic Distance Race report for Carl Fisher

There was more than one age group in my wave so swim was a bit mental at the start. It’s a weird feeling being carried along by the force of those swimming around you and I found myself clawing my way over a mass of neoprene into clear water (actually not so clear as the water was black with silt) to find my rhythm. After the mayhem of the start, the swim was pretty uneventful.

T1 is about 400m run up a slope from the lake and on my way there I assisted a guy who had got his zip stuck. Not sure if that’s against the rules but couldn’t ignore him as there wasn’t anyone else around. T1 for me went pretty well and I was being cheered on by Simon Tack who was taking a half time orange break at the side line.

I hit the bike course feeling ok until the first little incline and my legs said no! I then realised my rear break was locked onto the wheel and after a bit of roadside mechanics and a good talking to, miraculously the legs started working again. There was a horrible energy sapping headwind on the long undulating straight road section. I couldn’t quite believe the tiny number displayed on my speedo but the situation wasn’t going to change and it was the same for everyone so it was head down and tuck in. Taking the turn at the end of the road the wind dropped and the pace started to climb. Second lap felt better and my bike dismount at the end was as good as it’s ever going to be.

T2 was solid and off onto the run without any dramas until the course started rising upward and it sunk in that this was going to be a killer. To my surprise the first hill run was ok and flying down was great fun, but then around 5K, the blisters formed and I couldn’t ignore the pain. I crossed the line and felt pretty deflated with a poor bike time and even worse run time.

I loved being out there racing and part of a great event even if my result wasn’t great. Seeing my fellow Viceroys at the race and hearing shouts of encouragement on each lap was fantastic.

It’s now Monday morning as I write this report and I’ve checked my AG result. 23rd of around 63 on the start list so lower than I’d hoped but a true reflection of how it all went. It’s on to Eaton Dorney for a nice short flat race.

Race Report – St Neots – British Sprint Championships

FullSizeRenderWith over 900 people descending on St Neots and the river Ouse for a triple header for British Championship honours and world & European qualifiers, the best of the best where looking to set a marker at the beginning of the season. I was off in the fourth wave with over 170 across two age groups. In 13.5 degrees the swim was hectic and cold. I struggled over the first 375m to find any rhythm and unfortunately gave away a little distance to a couple of strong swimmers. Not phased I turned back upstream and closed the gap.

With a fast T1 I moved into third place and throughout the course of the ride I could see the top two in the distance. Over the final 5km I closed the gap and moved into second but the overall winner had also pushed on. As we came into T2 I was side by side to the other athlete. A solid transition I looked to exit transition and focus on my run. The other guy flew out and got a small gap. I wasn’t concerned as I was moving well off a hard bike so I was confident I would catch him. Which I did at the end of lap 1. I looked to maintain the pace knowing it was good enough to catch him and save some for the final 1km. I pushed hard and set my best run split to date and came on in 2nd place and AG Silver medalist. I’ve beaten the winner before but on this day he was the better man and well deserved – I will get him next time.
Although I’d already qualified for the worlds, it was nice gain a silver medal and also my European place for Lisbon 2016. The season now can progress with everything nicely in place

Thanks for your support and I will be back in touch after my next race at Eton Dorney


Post Race Reflections

Thought today’s coaches corner would be very appropriate to all those who have raced recently and help aid those racing soon. Today’s coaches corner is about Post Race Reflection.

It’s very easy straight after a race to over analyse your performance and reflect in a negative way. We are all competitive in our own ways, whether with with outcome goals such as winning you age group, event or performance based such as looking to improve on your previous race splits or looking to set a PB at a given race. Taking a step back and a few hours, even days will help you better to reflect upon your performance.

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Race Report – Mark Yeoman – Ocean Lake Triathlon

And so the 2015 season starts…

After an amazing 2014 season which saw me win nice races and culminate with finish 6th overall at the grand final in Edmonton. 2015 is all about building slowly for grand final in the Windy City -Chicago where I have already qualified for based on being the top British athlete from the 2014 final.

Winter has been good with plenty of hours spent in the pool, on the WattBike & running. My focus is clearly my weakness – the run so I’ve worked hard to strengthen up those legs ahead of the season.

On Saturday 25th April i dipped my toe into an icy 14degree lake in Kent for the Ocean Lake Triathlon. I settled into a steady pace in the swim but getting into the cold lake for the first time I was someone rusty and gave away a few metres on one guy. Not getting stressed he exited the water just ahead of me & as I eased out a low 10min swim which was pleasing considering the water temperature. Flying through T1 setting the fastest transition I took the lead and never looked back. I had cycled to feeling as my Garmin zoned out as I couldn’t get my cadence sensor amass the others in transition when setting up. Using the WattBike has help increase my power & cadence so I eased to the fastest bike split on a tricky course due to the windy & damp conditions. I had a little gap over 2nd and looked to settled into a nice pace on the run but with ice cold feet this was hard. On the 2nd lap 2nd place had gained but not as much as I’d presumed.  I looked to overtake those on their first lap to hide but at 4km he pulled alongside. I looked to hold close and over the final few hundred metres he put a spurt on to pip me by  9seconds. A solid 2nd place overall and good hit out to break the season in.

Two weeks to build into the first qualifier of the season where I can see who’s who’s ahead of the grand final.


Race Report – Colette Kitterhing

If anyone wants to plan a “bucket list” early season race then I can highly recommend Cannes.

There are 2 distances, I did the “medium” 1k swim, 40k ride and 8k run (half of the distance of the “long”

Swim – My first mass sea start and with about 650 athletes gong off I was feeling very apprehensive and decided to hold back and entered toward the back. Swimming with a friend we stuck together defending each other from the masses and picking our way through the field. I was extremely happy to see so many bikes as we came to T1.

Bike – About 3k of flat and then the climb out of Cannes. Roughly 850m of climbing over the next 40k followed. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, amazing roads, brilliantly marshalled and policed for a safe, fair race. I caught 2 girls and was passed by one in the first half. At 25k the rain started and it began to get a bit hairy on the descents.  A couple of bikes in front of me wiped out on sharp bends, I decided to hold back a bit. The rain  worked in my favour, I’m not he bravest descender but clearly not as cautious as some as I managed to pass a few men 😀

Run – In to  T2 and my legs felt ok. 2 out and backs along  the Croisette.  I was not 100% sure of my position a few had passed me on the bike  I couldn’t be sure if they were male or female… Spotting a girl ahead I chased her down. I felt comfortable and was just enjoying the moment. Pleased to be passing more than passed me, then in the last 1k I pushed a bit and caught the shoulder of a guy from Monaco Tri Club who looked over and encouragingly said “stick with me” it was great help and he paced me to the red carpet.

One final push for a sprint run down the carpet and to a great medal for the collection.

What can I say, what a venue, what a race….Can’t wait till next year.

1st Age Group \ 8th Female


Cold Weather Racing

Today’s coaches corner by Peter Bell asks how we should prepare for those early races where the weather is still cold – both in the water & on the bike.

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What wetsuit?

Mike Tumilty posed the latest Coaches Corner – What wetsuit and is there a difference between a budget £100 & a top end wetsuit?

Well, with the season fast approaching and the lakes soon to open up. It could be time to dust off that wetsuit. However, if you have had that suit for years & years or it’s got more holes than a string vest, it could be time to open up ya wallet.

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Pound for pound time savers

Mike Essex aka Mr Essex asked the latest coaches corner question. What are the best ways to save time in relation to money

Firstly I am sure you will be able to find somewhere on the vast Internet a number of website that will give you precise time savings per item of kit and provide how much they generally cost per second of time saved. BUT 9/10 these are conducted in wind tunnels and with someone who smash the bike…

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Pre race warm up?

What is the best way to warm up ahead of a race?

This can be very hard when event organisers have schedules to stick too. so 9/10 this could be no warm up in the water.
This could also result in transition being closed and you find yourself standing around waiting. So what can you do.

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