Race Report – Little Beaver

Little Beaver Olympic Distance Race report for Carl Fisher

There was more than one age group in my wave so swim was a bit mental at the start. It’s a weird feeling being carried along by the force of those swimming around you and I found myself clawing my way over a mass of neoprene into clear water (actually not so clear as the water was black with silt) to find my rhythm. After the mayhem of the start, the swim was pretty uneventful.

T1 is about 400m run up a slope from the lake and on my way there I assisted a guy who had got his zip stuck. Not sure if that’s against the rules but couldn’t ignore him as there wasn’t anyone else around. T1 for me went pretty well and I was being cheered on by Simon Tack who was taking a half time orange break at the side line.

I hit the bike course feeling ok until the first little incline and my legs said no! I then realised my rear break was locked onto the wheel and after a bit of roadside mechanics and a good talking to, miraculously the legs started working again. There was a horrible energy sapping headwind on the long undulating straight road section. I couldn’t quite believe the tiny number displayed on my speedo but the situation wasn’t going to change and it was the same for everyone so it was head down and tuck in. Taking the turn at the end of the road the wind dropped and the pace started to climb. Second lap felt better and my bike dismount at the end was as good as it’s ever going to be.

T2 was solid and off onto the run without any dramas until the course started rising upward and it sunk in that this was going to be a killer. To my surprise the first hill run was ok and flying down was great fun, but then around 5K, the blisters formed and I couldn’t ignore the pain. I crossed the line and felt pretty deflated with a poor bike time and even worse run time.

I loved being out there racing and part of a great event even if my result wasn’t great. Seeing my fellow Viceroys at the race and hearing shouts of encouragement on each lap was fantastic.

It’s now Monday morning as I write this report and I’ve checked my AG result. 23rd of around 63 on the start list so lower than I’d hoped but a true reflection of how it all went. It’s on to Eaton Dorney for a nice short flat race.