Lucy Owen – Race Report | Thorpe Olympic

First running of Thorpe Olympic distance. Swim was one lap – pretty awful swim at 28.55 mins due to leaky goggles and generally not swimming well, not helped by the fact one contact lens scrunched up from the leaks half way round so sighting (not my forte!) was hard. Bike was good- nice flat, mildly undulating but fast course. Overtook lots of people, and a few nice battles with people to keep me on my toes. Heavens opened half way round, a few dodgy corners ensued. 1.12 for the bike split. Run three laps around the park- felt hard and slow due to an injured foot but marshals told me I was third lady- tried to catch number two but legs wouldn’t do it. She beat me by 10 seconds. Final time 2.28.14. A great race for building confidence and nice and fast.

Recommend for next year- local always a bonus too. very chuffed with result, third lady and 2nd in age group.