Race Report – Lara Clay – Windsor (Sprint)

The swim was quite nice with the majority of it downstream, although it took some of the challenge away!

By the turning buoy I had caught up with lots of pink hats from the wave before and they all seemed to come to a stop with the change in direction of the current. It was a bit like dodgems!

After the longest transition ever (my Garmin clocked .76km) it was onto the bike. Really enjoyed the part through the park. Didn’t so much enjoy the rain and my tyres not gripping at the roundabout. Managed to avoid coming off but had to go round the roundabout to make the turn.

Then the run, I’m not too fond of that part, or the hill! I ended up 2nd in my AG, holding 1st position the whole way until the last lap of the run! I blame the hill!!

…Well done Lara. 🙂