Riding in Winter

Riding at this time of year can be unpleasant as the low temperature me wind chill can greatly affect your body temperature.

Think layers. Look to have two thin layers under a good wind stopper / winter cycling jacket. Go for a wicking layer to absorb the sweat as although it might be cold, you will still sweet as the body wants to keep you warm. Look to get a thermal layer next – such a Marino wool. This wil help trap the heat and keep you warm.

Hands & feet. Apply the same principle above but theres no muscle in the toes and fingers and as a result the blood flow which keeps you warm is minimal. Blood will hide in the body so less will go to the hands and toes during cold conditions. Everyone is different, some people are affect more than others. For me it’s my left hand but not my right. Keep squeezing your fingers & toes to stimulate a blood flow. You can buy from snow & rock neoprene toe covers for your toes, then look to buy neoprene shoe covers. Every little bit helps.

Tires. Some go for winter tires which offer more grip at this time of year. Yes they will be heavier & slower but offer more resistance to road debris. Look to reduce the tire pressure also. This will increase the surface area touching the group & improve grip. You can buy 25mm tires BUT check you wheels & frame can handle the increase in size of tire.

Riding. Corning should be done like Miss Daisy as during winter the road surface as a result of grit, leaves, moisture etc offers less natural grip. Avoid going over man hole covers at an angle. Look to give white painted lines a wide birth as they have zero grip at this time of year. If you see the blue tint of oil on a round about, shout it out. Better to shout than to take you hands off the bars whilst going around a bend. Look to slow down earlier as if you are driving a tanker as if you need to stop fast you might sliding more due to momentum & low grip levels. Shout out slowing down slowing down rolling to help those behind you adjust their speed.

Hope these simple tips help. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all with your questions.