Cycling Calls

Today’s coaches corner is all about Calls when cycling.
The louder the better when riding. Shouting out information will give all those who are riding within group the correct information they might need to make adjustments in their riding.
Knowing what to shout and why is key to a safe and enjoyable ride. Never be afraid to shout loud – you will kick yourself for not shouting loud enough if something was to happen!

Slowing down: don’t suddenly stop peddling. Reducing the strength but if you need to slow down for a junction, round about, shout this out.
Stopping: if you are about to stop, shout slowing 2-3 x then stopping 2-3x so everyone in the group can react. They might not be able to see what you can see.
Rolling: if you have shouting slowing down but feel you don’t need to stop, rolling is a great call to indicate you are still moving forwards.
Hole: shout this out such as  hole left or hole right to help those behind avoid a nasty hole in the road
Moving out: this is key to avoid cutting up the person behind. If you need to move out to avoid an obstacle, shout this out to inform those behind you will be changing your line.
Car back: if you can hear / see a car behind, let the group know by shout out car back. This call shout be relayed to the front by all riders
Car up: if you see a on coming car on a narrow road or on the wrong side of the road, shout this out followed by slowing down or stopping. This could also be horse up. Slowing down for horses is key to avoid spooking them & causing issues for the rider & yourselves.
Last man: if this are rolling over the top of the inside rider, then the last rider should say last man so that they know that no one else is behind & it’s safe to pull in.
Pulling in left: if you need to move into the side of the road, once you’ve shouted slowing down, stoppingPulling in will avoid the person behind turning your bike into a tandem

On your right: if you need to pass someone, a friendly call off on your right will let them know you are passing by on their right hand side.

Single line: if you need to create space, single line is a good call to get the group onto the left to increase road space.