Perfect Cadence

Today’s coaches corner is very unique as its a topic that covers all three disciplines: Perfect cadence.

What’s is cadence?
Cadence is simply the number of actions taken during the course of a minute. This will either be pedal strokes on the bike, strokes taken in the pool over a certain distance or number of steps per minute running.

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How often to test & what test to do

Susie posed today’s Coaches Corner question about Testing. She wanted to know How often we should test and What tests we should do.

Testing periodically is key to monitoring progress and checking whether the previous weeks / months training is working. If you have positive test data, then you can imply that the training is working. If the data is however not what you expected, it could come down to breaks in the training phase due to illness, injury or missed session or could indicate the the structure of the sessions are no appropriate.

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Lara asked today’s Coaches Corner question as she wanted to know about how to run efficiently and the terminology that goes with it

Over striding: look many running over stride resulting in the heel striking the floor first – this is a breaking action causing you to slow down and also aid to the increase chances of injury as a result. You should think about running in a phone box. This will stop you from over striding.

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5km v 10km

Today’s coaches corner is brought to you by Julian Marsh who want to know whether there’s any difference in training for 5km vs 10km AND the right balance of sessions throughout the year.

5km vs. 10km training
The simple answer is there is very little – in terms of intensity and structure of the sessions. The goal for both is to run as fast as possible, so as a coach I would devise sessions to improve the following:
1) muscle endurance
2) improve the strength of those working muscles
3) increase contractional speed of those muscles – speed work
4) Improve the ability to sustain long periods of speed – tempo running

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