Training zones & terminology

Today’s corner is all about Training Zones and the terminology associated with them.

The body has two clear energy systems, aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen). Anaerobic is divided into two. PC (Phosphate Creatine) which is about dynamic power / speed for 2-10sec. The second is LA (Lactic Acid) which is about sustained power / speed for 10 – 60sec. You’ve heard of lactic acid as its the bi product produced by the body due to the lack of oxygen in the body for the working muscles.

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Heart rate & training

First the theory – then the reality

Heart rate has and still is the most common guide to controlling an athletes efforts whilst training.
If you are doing continuous training then running elevates the heart rate highest, then cycling and then swimming with about around 8-10bpm average drop. This is naturally due to the reduced level of impact.

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