One year on….

Nearly one year since Andy was involved in a near fatal accident whilst out on a training ride he was interviewed by Tom Edwards for the BBC.

Phil, Andy’s brother writes:

One year on and Andy’s road to recovery is truly remarkable and inspirational for us all.

But as his older sibling and one of the first see him after his accident this is especially true for me.

He’s still very much in pain on a daily basis – but never moans! and his upbeat attitude never wavers!

Through this horrendous accident will come so much more, his journey now to promote Road ID and the use of helmets is at the forefront of his agenda.

Im so proud of him.

The interview can be found here.

Project Pink Handover

Viceroys Member Andy Curran was knocked off his bike in 2011 and suffered serious injuries, to help with his rehabilitation the Viceroys led by our Chairman undertook to rebuild his bike, to make it the ultimate turbo bike.  (Photos of the build can be found in the Gallery)

Last Saturday a number of the Viceroys were present when Project Pink was handed over to Andy in a surprise meet up at his local pub, Andy now takes over the story:

Hi one and all

Well what can I say! Continue reading