Silver Medal 2 weeks Running for Yeoman

I forgot how hard Saturday morning races can be. It really through the pattern out of sync. After last Sunday’s race at the nationals (silver medal) knocking out another race six days later can go one of two ways.

One mass wave meant it’s easier to see where you are and what you have to do. I looked to press hard on the swim to use my advantage early. However, I could see that someone else had the same idea – race on. I was only a few seconds behind exiting the swim and in T1 I could see that it was 20 year old pro from Australia’s Sam Mileham. On the bike I caught up and pushed on to get some extra time for the run as I was going to need it. I came into T2 with around 90seconds lead.

Mid way onto the run the sound of feet came and he cruised pass me. Not to give in I looked to give chase but he was just too fast. The gap back to 3rd was huge so I was able to relax into my run.

2nd over all and 2nd fastest swim, bike and run time see me hit 58mins for the race. When you run 18mins and the winner runs 16.20 there’s not much anyone can do.

Couple weeks work before racing one more.

As raced and reported by Mark Yeoman