What if it goes wrong?

Lucy Owen asked the question of What do we do if something goes wrong?

Firstly, if the triathlon / cycling gods wish to test you then they will test you. It’s not worth stressing about as at times there’s nothing we can do for factors outside our control. BUT what can control is your mind set and then strategy to get back into the game.

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Calvin Woods posed today’s coaches corner question. He wanted to know the difference between clincher & tubular wheels.

What are the different types of wheels?
There are four different types of wheel now on the market, they are clinchers (either carbon rim or traditional aluminium), then you have tubular wheels and a more recent addition in the tubeless clincher.

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Recovery & Racing

Hannah has posed today’s Coaches Corner question. She wanted to know about training & racing and how much rest & when.

Why rest?
Rest allows the body to repair muscle cells that have been stressed during exercise. The body needs time to adapt to the demands placed upon it during prolonged periods of training. If the body is not given regular periods of reduced intensity, then it will become fatigued and weak. This will then naturally effect the body’s ability to train and perform.

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Training / Racing & illness

Today’s Coaches Corner question has been asked by Simon Tacx as well as couple of other members this week. Simon wanted to more about training or racing with illness.

Firstly I am not a doctor so all the information below is based on personal opinion and

Your body will give you subtle hints, so ask fatigue, tiredness, loss of appetite, poor sleep quality, temperature as well as the classic signs of coughing, running noise etc. Also looks to other factors during your training. Is your normal working heart rate higher than normal, are you finding that you aren’t as powerful, strong etc. These are key signs saying that your body is stress out due to illness or over training with insufficient rest. You might be eating or drinking more as the body will be using key energy stores to fit the illness or infection.

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